Tailored Treks & Expedition is ethical travel company set up by experienced tourism professionals, and trekking & mountaineering guides in Nepal. We offer specialized trekking trips in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan . Most of all we pride ourselves in providing friendly and flexible service while caring for the community and environment. After years of dealing with tourists we believe that more and more people are looking to try treks which may involve a change from the normal tourist route and activities. So through good communication with our clients before they arrive in Nepal we can tailor a trekking experience to individual needs and interest.

Nepal is a country full of many opportunities for travel and adventure. It also has some of the most spectacular and breath-taking scenery in the entire world. Most visitors are interested to experience the true essence of the Himalayas, which is not only a stunning mountain range but also an area full of unique cultural experiences. In addition to trekking we can also put together a package that includes peak climbing, expeditions, white water rafting, wildlife safaris, pilgrimage, student programs and excursions to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

But why trek in Nepal?

Many people have described the experience of trekking in Nepal as a spiritual one. Any holiday spent in the Nepal Himalayas in guaranteed to leave you with a lasting sense of peace. Walking surrounded by spectacular scenery allows you to really leave behind the stresses of the modern world and benefit from a more basic existence. The landscape on the trek can vary greatly from low land forested areas, to valleys of colourful flowers, to arid upper Himalayan plains with ancient villages and shrines scattered along the way. The Nepali people are always welcoming, providing a smile and a warm ‘Namaste’. Of course there is also the added advantage of feeling physically fit, eating wonderfully prepared fresh local organic food and making many many special friends. When combined, other activities such as cultural experiences in Kathmandu valley or searching for tigers in Chitwan National Park, any trip to Nepal will proved fabulous memories for years to come.

Tailored Treks wishes to combine their trekking business with support to local communities. As such 10% of the income from the company will be donated and used by members of local communities for development projects. You could also become involved in such projects. Certainly we would like you to gain an appreciation of village life during your trek and would encourage and support integration with local people.

Responsible Tourism and Volunteer Tourism

The act of travelling responsibly stretches further than just ecological considerations. Our company also considers the impact of tourism on those communities and economies that we visit. We therefore take steps to maximise the positive impact of tourism wherever possible. After all it is clear that tourism can provide mutual benefits. The traveller and the local communities can gain much in terms of fulfilment, education, respect and discovery.

Voluntourism is the broad name given to the combination of travel with volunteering in countries or communities affected by poverty, disaster or threats to their survival. The act of combining holidays with service can lead to an enhanced travelling experience, achieving a greater level of integration with local communities as well as an education in the ways of life of those that are visited. If the projects are structured and organized effectively the benefits to the communities visited are immediately evident. The destinations and activities undertaken by Volunteer-tourists are hugely varied.